About Us

Based in the City of Brussels, our flagship DM, brings the best of luxury brands straight to the capital of Europe. Situated within the heart of the city, on the border of l’Îlot sacré and close to the historical Grand Place.

Our store offers a wide an excellent choice in exclusive brands from different departments. DM is an official point of sale of all our brands, and we always have the latest collections available in the shop for the customer to choose from.

As well as being a destination for shoppers, the historical center of Brussels also offers an exquisite selection of food and drink situated around the historical Grand Place. Make a visit to the city center on a day out, enjoy the architecture, the food, and stop by for some shopping in our store. We would be happy to welcome you.

Our store is sited next to Brussels Central Train station and right in front of a public car parking that is the closest near the historical center. This gives you an opportunity to visit our store in a way that is most convenient to you.

Our team is always on-hand to chat with you about our product range, be it our watches, luggage or our fine leather goods. Our enthusiasm and dedication for service is as important to us as your customer satisfaction. Building a retail experience that is enjoyable in every aspect.